Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Berbers in Blue....

The previous post outlined the colours and methods for fast tracking the painting of the dark clothed berbers that form the basis of my Almoravid army around the time of El Cid (c. 1090s).

In this post some snaps showcase finished figures, formed into their units. The basic building block I've been using is 12 figures for infantry and 6 for cavalry. Added to the Infantry I've included a couple of extra command figures per unit so that I can use my sabot base system to create 'units' for a game such as Hail Caesar and drop these figures to make skirmish units of 12 soldiers i.e. six spearmen and six archers. Nothing hard and fast in this off course, but that's how I'm putting my force together.

The army is not yet complete as other infantry types need to be added such as Black Berber foot and white clad Arab-esque infantry that can double up for all manner of Arab type infantry. Then there is cavalry to add as well. I've finished up a few character figures which need to be added to the force for 'skirmish' games or can be used as dressing in larger scale actions.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results given the speed of painting of these minis. I'd say out of a Gripping Beast box of 40 figures there is about 1.5 to 2hrs of putting the figures together and about 6 hours of painting and basing...not a bad return for your time I think.

For now however, here are some shots of the Berbers in blue.....

...a small unit of skirmishers...round shields are GB plastics, Adarga shields from Eureka Miniatures...

....a standard sized unit for Lion Rampant...or in El Cid's Spain...Leóne Rampante!

...three units of combined Spear and Bow for use in Leóne Rampante plus a skirmisher element...

...Cattle are Empress miniatures and buildings from Touching History...(unfortunately no longer available)...

...death to the infidel!...

...Ben Yusuf surveys the field before him...
...Yusuf by Gripping Beast (also yellow shield guard). Prophet by Artizan and Drummer from Eureka Miniatures on a converted Colonial donkey!...

...tent by Baeuda...very nice!

"Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things."


  1. They look great.
    I'm still a little unconvinced by the GB plastics, but these have turned out very well. The Artizan shields are a great addition.
    Where are the flags from?

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks :-)

    I know what you mean about the GB plastic figures but in the end for me the 'total' combination of variation and adaptability plus pose variation makes them the winner. Ideally a complete multi pose range or plastic range sculpted by the Perry's would be best but that just ain't so!

    I'm happy with them.. they look good enmasse and give me the 'horde' look.


    Happy W

  3. They do look rather good and you have an excellent set of terrain and stuff to use with them.

  4. These Berbers are awesome, love this blue and the paint job...and your terrain is really impressive as well, beautiful pictures!

  5. WOW - just like your Sumerian figs, these are a joy to look at! Wondefully painted! :)