Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spanish Civil War - Moroccan Regulares on the heals of the Rhodesian Bush Wars after action report this post turns the spotlight to another immense area of interest, the Spanish Civil War. For the uninitiated, the struggle between Nationalist and Republican forces in Spain in the interwar era has many unique aspects that make it eminently worthy of study and gaming, particularly at the platoon level. There are quite simply so many colourful variations in the possible forces that can be fielded it has something for everyone. 

These pictures showcase the Moroccan Regulares, North African troops who fought for the Nationalist cause, who were much feared by many a Spanish Republican. The forces are organised to reflect a Regulares platoon as detailed in the Chain of Command:Espana army list....see the TFL blog for more details on these enigmatic Africanistas.

No doubt you will see these Regulares in action in the future on this blog, but for those that can't wait pop on over to Scrivsland and check out the Chain of Command:Espana campaign being fought using these very same Regulares forces. Be sure to check all the back posts as Scrivs has done a wonderful job with his CoC:Espana project.

All these 28mm figures are from the superb miniatures range produced by Empress Miniatures. The lovely flag is from Flags of War, simply gorgeous. Really this post is just a bunch of pics to showcase these lovely miniatures and colourful troops....


Here we see a typical Section, there being two in the platoon. The Section Sargento is waving his hand and the LMG squad is on the left with the two rifle squads (each should have 6 men, only 5 shown here). 

A top view of the full platoon without any support assets. The two sections, one LMG and two Rifle Squads each, with their respective Sargento (junior leader) and the Platoon HQ group, one Soldado with a flag.

...a nice shot which shows just who pretty those Flags of War flags are. I painted the edges slightly to get the 'join' to disappear hence the slight colour variation.

...a terrifying sight for any Republican miliciano...


  1. Very nicely done Rolf. Thanks for the link too.

  2. Very, very nice indeed!! I am looking to do some in 15mm for myself - what colours did you use, if I may ask?

    Kind regards,

    Monty's Wargaming World

  3. I use mostly Foundry paint colours

    The coat is an artists acrylic Mustard colour...the only non Foundry paint....kind of a Vallejo Yellow Ochre colour, which is close.

    The rest are Foundry colour codes.

    The Green coat is 26C Green with a Green wash. Flesh is 6B, webbing 37A, rifle 54B, Leggings 73B....all washed with Army painter Dark strength.

    Then a slight highlight if required here and there.


    Happy W

    1. Very useful, thank you. They really do look the business!


  4. It was pleasant. Very probably on mine regulares. It is possible to look in my blog. Only the flag isn't pleasant. I would make a company tag