Saturday, February 8, 2014

ZIPRA graduates from Camp Freedom

....recently finished figures from the superb 28mm Eureka Rhodesian Line line of minis from the very talented hand of Kosta Herko, these guerrillas will double as both ZIPRA and ZANLA troops...and FRELIMO! In their first outing they will take the part of ZIPRA guerrillas in the Zambesi Valley c.1968, infiltrating over the Rhodesian border to bring liberation and mayhem to the people.....well, most of 'em.

Not too much to say, just a bunch of pics of some gorgeous sculpts......

...the pics are slightly washed out....sorry about that....I'll try and take some better shots when the lighting is right.....

Lastly, these were exceedingly quick to paint. They were all completed in less than a week and with no great heartache....just lovely sculpts, some simple block painting and then Army Painter 'goop'....easy!!


  1. Great work on the painting of these ZPRA figures. Enjoying all the otherr Rhodesian Bush War posts. Johny Hop

  2. Thanks John,

    My efforts pail before your superb Rhodesian Wargames blog...the benchmark on the internet for Rhodie stuff.

    Merry Xmas to you and your family.


    Happy Wanderer 😉